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First to market fully automated grow box



Easy to use

Grow like a pro with Cloudponics. Select what you want to grow and the system will nurture it from seed to harvest. Follow your grow process on the app.


Save money

Never again pay high prices for your medicine. Cloudponics is a solution that pays for itself with the first grow.



You will be able to leave on a 3 week vacation without worrying about your plants, but you can check on them from your app anywhere in the world. Cloudponics gives you the peace of mind you need.



By home growing your plants with Cloudponics you know for sure that it´s healthy. The experience of watching your plants grow before your eyes and then consuming them is waiting for you.


8 ounces

Grow up to 8 ounces of your favorite medicine in just 3 months! Yes, that's 2.5 grams per day.


Best of both worlds

By merging Artificial Intelligence and skilled human growers that daily check your plants, our Personal Grow Trainer service allows your plants to grow under optimized conditions tailored specifically for them, improving the grow recipes constantly.

The app


Select strain

A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant the ideal conditions for it to thrive.


Monitor and control your plant from anywhere in the world.

Open the door

Unlock your GroBox from your app, keeping it locked for anyone else.

Task reminder

In order to achieve optimal results, there are simple tasks you need to do every now and then. The app reminds and shows you what to do


Set the time at which your lights turn on, , pair your app with your GroBox, calibrate your sensors.


features system
features system

Ambient control

Monitor air temperature, humidity and light. Control extraction fan to keep temperature and humidity in check.

Light schedule

Turn lights on and off according to plant stage.

Nutrient control and watering

Proprietary nutrient control injects nutrients according to plant stage and actual plant behavior. Separate water tanks allow the unit to be self watering with an autonomy of up to 3 weeks.

pH control

The system maintains pH at ideal levels, at all times

Remote app

Monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world with the Cloudponics app.


A large water reservoir allows the system to run for 2-3 weeks without refill. Vacations anyone?

Drying mode

You can dry your plants inside the GroBox at the end of the growth

Odor Control

To keep your home free of any odor, the GroBox uses a active-carbon filter by Can Filters

Automated lock on the door

Automated door

Start growing

Start growing

Tech Specs

dimensions Cloudponics system

The Cloudponics GroBox automated grow system comes with:

Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light Extraction fan Carbon filter for odor removal
1 GHZ ARM Cortex CPU 4 GB flash storage 5 dosing pumps
10 intelligent sensors grow up to 6 plants Artificial Intelligence software
pH sensor EC sensor Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients
6 netcups Aeroponic grow chamber for 6 plants Water temperature sensor
Fresh water reservoir Nutrient mix reservoir Air temperature sensor
6 grow cubes Circulation fan pH + and - dosing
Humidity sensor Light sensor Aeroponic irrigation pump
Fresh water pump Iphone & Android App Automated door lock

Choose the option that fits your needs

An automatic grow box for growing plants at home you can control from your phone.

Financing available

Additional packs including 6 months of nutrients, pH buffers, calibration solutions (pH + EC), odor filter, pH and EC probes are sold for $200

If you live in Los Angeles, CA we also offer leasing options.

Do you want to automate your current indoor?, check out the GroControl, it allows you to fully automate your grow room or grow tent.


Questions? Call us at 1-888-534-7066

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