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Why grow with hydroponics?

January 23, 2018

Hydroponics is a technique for growing plants that has been around for hundreds of years. Without using any soil, plants are fed by using mineral nutrients directly in the water where the roots grow. By giving a plant exactly what it needs, when it needs it, in the amount that it needs, the plant will grow as healthy as possible. With soil this is hard to achieve since there is little control on what nutrients are available at any given time, but with hydroponics it can be achieved since all the nutrients are balanced in a controlled way. By using hydroponics, plants can uptake nutrients without much effort since they are present in the water in a highly soluble form. In soil, plants must extract the nutrients and spend a considerable amount of energy in doing so. This is the main reason why plants grown in hydroponics grow faster, better and bigger than those with soil, since they spend all their energy in vegetative growth and fruit/flower production instead of wasting energy on extracting nutrients from soil.

Another important advantage when growing with hydroponics is the oxygenation of the roots which is critical to growing healthy plants. When growing in soil, oxygen is not as available as when growing with hydroponics. There are different hydroponic techniques (Ebb and Flow, Deep Water Culture, NFT, etc.) which have different approaches to how to maximize the amount of oxygen that is available to the roots. The best results are obtained with aeroponics, where water is sprayed onto the roots, achieving the best possible oxygenation. For this reason, Cloudponics uses aeroponics in its growing module, outperforming other less efficient methods.

Sounds too good to be true? Why is most of agriculture still using soil? Well, there is one big catch with hydroponics. Keeping all the parameters in check is a time consuming and fairly complicated task. On top of that, the margin of error when using hydroponics is very narrow when compared to soil. If anything goes wrong with the nutrient concentration or the pH of the water, plants will suffer (or even die) within hours. This makes hydroponics a labour intensive and specialized technique that requires knowledge and a lot of time dedication.

Consider growing with hydroponics like driving a Formula 1 car and growing with soil like driving a regular street car.  Tweet This

A Formula 1 car is faster, louder and all around more exciting than a regular street car. But a street car can be driven by anyone, unlike the Formula 1 car that should only be driven by an expert driver. If you have no previous experience driving a Formula 1 car and take it for a test drive, chances are you are going to crash in the first turn. The same applies to hydroponics.

With the Cloudponics technology, a grower can have the high performance of hydroponics but with the ease of use of traditional soil growing (even easier actually, with soil you need to water every other day, but with Cloudponicsit’s every 2 to 3 weeks). Think of driving a Formula 1 car on a track with assistance that makes it impossible to crash, while still getting to that top speed you’d expect from a Formula 1 car.

Sounds fun? That’s what Cloudponics is all about, empowering people who need to grow their medicine but just don’t have the time, patience or skills to do so with the same results as expert hydroponics growers are achieving.